Our Collaboration With: 

"monday.com" is a project management platform that allows teams to create their own workflows to ensure efficient work.

In 2021 we, contacted monday.com, in order to use their product in the upcoming season.
Even before this season, we saw the potential of the platform within the FRC, and decided to try and make it available for other teams in Israel.

After 2021, we decided to take it one step further, and make it available for all FRC team around the world.

We contacted global FIRST, and managed to make monday.com available for free, for all FRC teams worldwide.


monday.com is now provided globally

as part of the virtual kit-of-parts!

We welcome your team to manage the upcoming season with monday.com for free by following 2 simple steps:

Create a new 14 days account with the FRC template from the monday.com & FRC landing page.

In the landing page you may also find a link to a guidebook we wrote about the usage of monday.com in the FRC and the FRC template:

Answer the following form in order to make your account's last for 365 days (if you are already using the monday.com platform, you can answer the form in order to renew your account trial):



In addition to the GuideBook and the templates, we created for you a detailed series of tutorials, that dives into all of the major aspects and features of monday.com and it’s integration with the FRC!

You may also, read, discuss and ask questions about the use of monday.com as part of FIRST, in the following ChiefDelphi thread:

We're here to help

For help with any additional problem or difficulty, you are welcome to contact us!